Picenum Vino Cotto

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Vino cotto is a typical wine of the Picenum area in the Marche region. It has very ancient origins; indeed, it was greatly appreciated by the ancient Picene people, as well as by the nobility and emperors of ancient Rome, who called it "Caroenum" and used to taste it at the end of their sumptuous banquets.


Vino cotto is made from must, which is fermented after being boiled in dedicated pots. Due to this process, must concentrates and its organoleptic qualities change, resulting in a unique, predominantly sweet taste, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Vino cotto has strong antioxidant properties and make a radical scaenging activity.


Vinno cotto can be tasted on several occasions, in many ways: as a final drink after lunch or dinner; as a dessert wine with sweets, including bitter chocolate; during snacks with cheese and cured meats; with roast chestnuts or sliced peaches dipped into the glass.


Excellent for preparing braised beef and cooking chicken or wild fowl in the frying pan, vino cotto can also be used as an ingredient in homemade pasta to improve its aroma and consistency; as well as in mixtures for cakes and desserts.


Crystal clear and amber color; the aroma is complex and goes from caramel to dates, dried figs to honey; soft, warm, excellent sweetness never cloying and perfectly integrated with freshness and flavor, balanced, persistent, delicate and harmonious.


Excellent with dry pastries, dark chocolate, roasted chestnuts, peaches, spicy or blue cheeses; in some territories of Marche cooked wine is part of the traditional Easter breakfast together the typical donut, with ciauscolo and pecorino cheese. It is perfect even by itself being a great "meditation wine".


From 12°C to 18°C, according to the seasons of personal taste.

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