Salumi Monterotti
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Salumi Monterotti

Animal feed

This is the longest part of the breeding cycle, growth is not exaggerated, but natural. Our animals combines the features of Italian heavy pigs to a better quality of meat - with a lower content of saturated fats and cholesterol - the result of genetic research.

We gave to our pigs natural nourishment, as indeed all us foods of our pigs: cereals and vegetables. Yet simple, but also rigorous control of every pound of food that the pigs eat, known nutrients, tested and certified to guarantee a production of meat definitely genuine.


To ensure the quality of our products, we must start from breeders passion and love, so we selcted companies that dedicate years of their days to this precious animal. Farm works starts early in the morning in the early hours of day, after a long night of fasting th animal need to be looked after with the care of a human because even though animals must live their lives with dignity and without stress, etc..

The day begins with shredding the cereal stored in silos and then insert it into the automated chain that supplies every single cage of fresh product and high local quality.

Manufactured by the same person that once you are dedicated to feed animals and take care are in their pristine fields.

Our meats are high quality also because they have the good fortune of eating products cultivated by their own hands near the Sibillini Mountains, in the Marche Region, a wild territory.


Immersed in the Sibillini Mountains, in a pure air, we follow the perfect seasoning of our product; this is guaranteed by the temperature mostly low in most of the year, one of the secrets of so much goodness!

From childhood, Mr. Fabrizio Monterotti followed his father in the fields and bred the pig within their farm which was the main source of food for the winter season of all the peasant families of the Marche.

The pig was bred and once arrived at the right weight while maintaining ideal temperatures for the preservation of meat was processed.

The decision to slaughter the pig in winter was mandatory because in the past there were no refrigerator and coolers.

Controlled supply chain

The breed of pigs raised is "ITALIAN DUROC", the mares (sows) live in the breeding of Sant'Angelo in Pontano (about 19 km from Sarnano) all pigs are born and live in Sant'Angelo in Pontano, eating only cereal grown for 80% from the farm that runs the farm, the remaining 20% are grown in the provinces of Macerata and Ascoli Piceno. The cereals used are: maize, triticate, barley, soybean and flour.

Pigs are slaughtered to reach the age of 15-20 months and weighing about 180-200 kg, transported every Saturday morning only by the owner, Mr. Fabrizio Monterotti that selects what it considers ready.

The will "relax" in the parking stall Sarnano slaughterhouse until Monday morning. (Detail of fundamental importance to avoid stress resulting adrenaline resulting in fear, which acts negatively on the quality of meat.)

On Monday morning the pigs are accompanied to the slaughterhouse a few tens of meters from the parking stall, where they are slaughtered first, then clean and sterile laboratory (another very important detail).


Liver Salamella

Category: Cured meats

£ 5,12

Liver Salamella - approx. 350 gr

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Liver salami

Category: Cured meats

£ 6,98

Liver salami - approx. 500 gr

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Not larded salami

Category: Cured meats

£ 11,39

Not larded salami - approx. 500 gr

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Category: Cured meats

£ 11,66

Ciauscolo - approx. 600 gr

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Larded salami

Category: Cured meats

£ 11,92

Larded salami - approx. 600 gr

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Pancetta tesa

Category: Cured meats

£ 17,13

Pancetta tesa - approx. 700 gr

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