Il Mastio
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Il Mastio


The brewery "Il Mastio" ("The Keep") Urbisaglia (MC) only produces high quality beers. Our name is inspired by the highest fortification of the "medieval fortress" located in the center of Urbisaglia.

The beers are produced according to the most ancient tradition of brewing, combining painstaking research of high-profile commodities in an ideal environment, equipped with the latest technology. The sensory approach reveals the wonderful aromas and flavors of our territory and expresses while the scent of a simple and genuine product, rich in ingredients selected with care and refinement, like the noble hops and give the palate unforgettable emotions.

All the beers brewed in our brewery are raw and so not pasteurized, high fermentation and (deliberately) not filtered. They are fermented in the bottle or cask, and, especially during aging, are enriched with the flavors and aromas that make them unique.

The slight opalescence of our craft beers and the same sediment deposit on the bottom of the bottle are the witnesses of their genuineness; are in fact just the live cultures that give each raw beer typical turbidity, unequivocal evidence that the product has been made by craftsmen.


The "Il Mastio" line-up is composed by beers of high quality realized respecting the most ancient tradition of brewing, combining the fantasy and to the care of brewer high-profile commodities

The "Montelago" line-up is composed by beers made in collaboration with the "Montelago Celtic Festival", the largest of the national celtic music festival. Italian and european hops, malts give this beer a unique taste and aroma. Un eshop professionale completo a soli 49 euro l'anno con NewCart
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